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85% of students admit to cheating using technology

80% of kids who have sexted are under the age of 18

20% of kids cyberbullied consider suicide

Technology Addiction

Research shows technology has both short and long-term negative effects on brain development and function. Long-term consequences include deficits in emotional processing, attention to detail, decision making and cognitive control which are key capacities fundamental to your child’s success in school and beyond.

Impact on Your Child

Long-term cognitive changes are just one negative consequence of excessive technology exposure. Cyberbullying, technology addiction, inappropriate posting, and cheating are the more commonly associated consequences of technology overuse and abuse. Unfortunately, the information that has been available for parents, educators, and schools to inform students about these dangers has not kept pace with the rapid changes in technology.

It’s time that you as a parent take charge! Digital Citizen Academy can help you empower, educate, and protect your children.

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